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IntelliFontIME Sinhala Input Method Editor

|May 15th, 2007 |Sinhala Typeing software

IntelliFontIME for sinhala is a IME (Input Method Editor) that uses an exciting new input method for typing Sinhalese characters with minimum effort using conventional keyboard.
The problem typing Sinhalese characters before was user must remember the current character code for Sinhala characters, there was no any connection between Sinhala, and corresponding English characters. This software has overcome these limitations when using Sinhala fonts by using an object-oriented approach.
Single Version LKR : 2000.00

Easy Lang For Tamil

|May 21th, 2009 |Tamil Typeing software
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Easy Lang for Tamil is a IME (Input Method Editor) that uses an exciting new input method for typing Tamil characters with minimum effort using conventional keyboard.

Single Version LKR : 2000.00 

Works Dictionary

|May 21th, 2011 |Sinhala - English Dictionary
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Softdevex Works is desktop based rich personal organizer consist of following major modules.

Sinhala - English Dictionary

Sinhala Talking Watch

E-mail Checker

Events Reminder

Password Manager

Single Version LKR : 1000.00

Cheque Writer

|january 2th, 2012 |Cheque Printing software
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ChequeSystem to print all your your cheques.It can print payee, date, amount, "a/c payee only" and all others.

Historical Record on issued cheques

Recurring Cheque Template

Payee List Management

Account Report / Payee Report

Support different printers

 Single Version LKR : 7000.00

Pragathi Hadahana Astrology

|Feb 15th, 2013 |sinhala astrology software
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ප්‍රගති හදහන ‌ජේ‌‌‌යෝතිෂ මෘදුංගය වෘතිමය ‌ජේ‌යෝතිෂ ‌වෙිදීන් සදහාම නිර්මාණය කර ඇත .‌මෙම මෘදුංකාගය ප්‍රවීන ‌ජේ‌යෝතිෂ ‌වේදීන් සහභාගි කර‌ගෙන නිර්මාණය කර ඇත .

‌කේන්දර සැදීම.

‌පො‌රොන්දම් බැලීම.

පලාපළු බැලීම.

මංගල ‌සේවය.

Single Version


|january 2th, 2012 |gramaniladari infomation system

Image 04GIS Software features the ability to store complete hierarchical data about People and their family, including educational qualifications, business related information and relationships among users.

Includes sophisticated search engine that enable the GramaNiladari to find exactly the information he needs. System includes the ability to Search persons through face recognition. Fully supports English Sinhala and Tamil using our company built input method engine for inputting Sinhala and Tamil. Supports distributed multi user database access via internet connection.

Personal Detail |Village Detail |Sinhala /Tamil word processing |Disaster management

Face Recognition|Gs Profile

New Release

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  • Online Video Accelerator
  • Video Downloader
  • online Advertising